Hopkins Aluminium Tuba Mute FREE CARRY BAG. Professional range.


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All Aluminium Tuba Mute sold to you direct from the manufacturer for Top quality at a reasonable price. Our mute has undergone months of design and testing to ensure it is in perfect intonation throughout the range of your instrument. It has many features that other mutes on the market do not have. Our mute has a wide neck so that it can be placed on the floor next to you and be very stable. This puts the solid aluminium handle in the correct place for easy pick up. Our mute does not have a flimsy leather strap. The solid handle helps you easily guide the mute in and out of the bell without contacting the instrument. One of the corks are inline with the handle to help it slide into place. Opposite the handle there are 2 resting corks so that when you place it back on the floor it can easily be placed without the metal contacting the floor and causing noise. On the bottom of the mute we have placed a cork ring to protect the bottom surface and again stop any noises when on the floor. We have tried to put a foam rubber strip around the top of the mute but found that like other mutes on the market it muffled the sound too much. instead we have put a thin rubber u section over the end to stop contact with the bell. This make are far superior sound. We have after trials with hard anodising like the rest of our mutes come to the conclusion that a powder coating on top of the aluminium produces the best sound for the Tuba. Other manufacturers offer a carry bag at extra cost. WHY ? When you buy a mute from us we will include a protective carry bag FREE OF CHARGE. Our Tuba Mute has a better tone. Is easier to handle Is in tune Comes with a free carry bag AND IS CHEAPER

  • Perfect intonation Easy to handle Free carry bag


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